Nursing Students


How to support

A Needy Nursing Student

The Sonar Bangla Foundation established the Sonar Bangla Foundation Nursing Institute in order to offer rural students the opportunity to pursue a career in nursing. Many of our students live in poverty or are without financial support, leaving them incapable of paying for quality education. Your donations can help fund the nursing institute and alleviate student costs of tuition, housing, etc. Donors can also choose to adopt a particular student and help fund their education. Donations can also go towards supporting the nursing institute as a whole.

If you would like to support a particular needy student, please provide their name in the Memo field of the donation page.

The approximate cost for a student is given below:

  • For 3 year course: $1100/year including tuition, food, and boarding
  • For 1 year course: $550 including tuition, food, and boarding