Kidney Dialysis

How to support

Dialysis for a Needy Kidney Patient

Kidney dialysis is an incredibly pricey treatment that many are unable to pay for. Your donations can be given to go towards cheaper kidney dialysis for patients. Donors can also choose to adopt patients, contributing to the cost of their dialysis for four months, six months, or a year.

Another way that donors can contribute their donations to the Sonar Bangla Foundation is to help fund the establishment of kidney dialysis centers. Due to the high costs of kidney dialysis, dialysis centers are typically limited to Bangladesh’s large cities such as Dhaka and Chattogram. Currently, the Sonar Bangla Foundation has established 16 kidney dialysis centers in different districts across Bangladesh to provide quality dialysis at an affordable price. Your donations can be directed towards establishing a kidney dialysis center in more locations across Bangladesh.

If you would like to support a specific patient, please provide the name of the patient in the Memo text box on the donations page.

Barishal Center

37, Barishal(ID# BR-BR-358


46, Barishal(ID# BR-BR-519)

Shahanaj Parvin

28, Barishal(ID# BR-BR-603)

Md. Nayem Howlader

45, Barishal(ID# BR-BR-694)

Laachan Peyda

36, Barishal(ID# BR-BR-691)

Md. Nur Alom Sarder

50, Barishal(ID# BR-BR-747)

Md.Eusuf Hawladwr

39, Barishal(ID# BR-BR-753)

Md. Nasir Uddin

55, Barishal(ID# BR-BR-762)

Md. Faruq Hussain

32, Barishal(ID# BR-BR-867)

Rubel Mazi

44, Barishal(ID# BR-BR-897)

Md. Ziaul Kabir

Chattogram Center

40, Ctg(ID# CTG-176)

Salma Begum

44, Ctg(ID# CTG-180)

Shofiqul Islam

60, Ctg(ID# CTG-196)

Sheikh Ali

36, Barishal(ID# BR-BR-691)

Md. Nur Alom Sarder