• SBF Clinical Internship Program


    Applications are now available for SBF Clinical Internship Program in Bangladesh for summer 2018.

    Application Deadline: April 30, 2018 at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time.

    Internship dates: July 1 - July 15, 2018

    Eligibility: Grade 12 - Junior in college

    Cost: $500 (includes doctor and nurse's honorarium for their personal time with the intern, food during candidate's stay in SBFCKCC and cover 1-2 free dialysis to patients chosen by the intern after the program)

    Note: Your kids' drop off and pick up should be done by you or your relative

    For more information, please email

    This 2 week program aims to provide interns with an appreciation for the Bangladeshi healthcare system as well as clinical experience in a global setting. The internship offers:

    Training on basic medical skills (i.e. learning how to take vitals, obtaining a full medical history, and writing medical notes)

    Shadowing opportunities with physicians at Sonar Bangla Foundation and National Institute of Kidney Diseases and Urology in Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Workshops on the clinical science behind Chronic Kidney Disease, End Stage Renal Failure and complications associated with the diseases

    Direct patient contact at the Sonar Bangla Foundation Dialysis Centers

    At the end of the 2 week internship, interns will be required to do a case presentation for SBF Board Members and Directors in Dhaka, Bangladesh. All materials will be presented in English.