• Education Vision


    The University of Sonar Bangla is slated to be a world-class university, similar to MIT and Stanford in prestige within Bangladesh, that will build Sonar Bangla through teaching and research excellence. We will strive to build a model educational institute replicable to other developing countries, so that we can spread our mission all around the world for the better of our progeny. The University will be initially organized into three schools: a School of Business, a School of Engineering, and a School of Medical Sciences. It will offer education at par with international level in an academically challenging, research-rich environment designed to motivate students and help them reach their true potentials.

    • Research-Based University

      To establish a research-based university in Bangladesh with three schools-- Medicine, Engineering, Economics and Business by tapping resources from Bangladeshi expatriates and nonprofit foundations in the US and around the world.

    • Self-sustain Faculty

      The funds raised will be used to build facilities and carryout the activities of the university until it becomes self-sustaining Faculty members who are trained by top North American universities will lead teaching and research directions for the university.

    • Procuring Contribution

      To take such steps as may from time to time be deemed expedient for the purpose of procuring contribution, aid, donation, grants, etc. for funds for the university and kidney programs of the foundation from home and abroad.

    • Training Centre

      To establish training centers, in the areas of medicine, engineering and public policy. To impart better training to local professionals with a view to transferring cutting-edge know-how from the developed countries to Bangladesh.

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