Scientific Workshop & Training Session On Dialysis Quality

  • Scientific Workshop And Training Session On Dialysis Quality

    Contents of the Scientific Workshop and Training:

    Water System - Reverse Osmosis system theory and operations safety training(All renal professional)

    Dry Concentrate/Bicarbonate preparation to Dialysate - safety and quality control best demonstrated practices (All renal professional)

    Dialysis machine - Operational and Safety Best demonstrated practices (All renal professional)

    Dialyzer reprocessing (Reuse) safety and quality control - procedures and practices (All renal professional)

    Hemodialysis clinics - Continuous Quality Improvement utilizing the team approach (All renal professional)

    This Scientific Workshop and Training conducted by,
    Christopher E Atwater Sr., Director of Technical Operations, Bridge of Life USA

  • Chris Atwater’s role is to assess partner needs for future medical missions; advise Bridge of Life on technical components needed for the safe and successful start-up of dialysis clinics; create infrastructure to streamline mission completion; and build a solid corps of biomed teammates who will participate in future medical missions.

    Chris has been working with Bridge of Life since 2006 and has been on 21 separate missions and assessments with the organization.

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