Fundraising at Folsom, Davis and Sacramento

  • Fundraising at Folsom, Davis and Sacramento

    Please join SBF to help financially challenged BD kidney patients with part of your Zakat and Intel matching. With the help of US expats like you SBF builds dialysis centers in BD and has been managing 15 nonprofit dialysis centers in Bangladesh. It also has emerged as the largest provider of hemo dialysis in Bangladesh and has performed more than 30,000 dialysis in 2017 alone. At the event we will talk about our “Adopt A Dialysis Patient in Bangladesh” and “Screening and Prevention” initiatives. We will also introduce our new initiative, "SBF Nursing Institute” project to the Davis, Sacramento and Folsom donors.

    Your donation is tax exempt through SBF, a US 501 (c)(3) organization. You can pay from your Zakat. Your company matching will greatly benefit our patients and beneficiaries.

    Registration for the event is required for better accommodation.

    Please register here at